Python Projects

Common to all projects:
  1. Name your files "<last_name>-Project<n>.py" (replace <last_name> and <n> with the appropriate text)
  2. In the file, include a comment at the top with
    1. Your name
    2. The python version you used to create the script (with Canopy 2.1 that will be 2.7 or 3.5)
  3. Test your script!  No credit if the script fails to run at all.

  • Project 1 - User input, simple computation, simple conditional statement
  • Project 2 - Read from file, manipulate strings
  • Planning - Review documentation and plan projects 3 and 4
  • Project 3 - Revise the project 2 script to use command line input and work on a "live" directory
  • Project 4 - Merge and sort two data files while removing duplicate records
  • Project 5 - Create a simple calculator (catch errors without crashes)
  • Project 6 - Retrieve a URL
  • Project 7 - Revise your use of control and loop structures in a previous project
  • Project 8 - select either the python or the PowerShell version:
  • Project 9 : Use a function to implement a data calibration
  • Final Project - Extract a web resource (python) or display network configuration information (PowerShell)
Under Revision (not used this semester):