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Final Project


Get data from a web service of your choice.  You need to:
  • Select a site and the data you are looking for.  This should be information you actually have some interest in (personally or professionally).
  • Analyze the site and determine if you can get the data from the HTML code or possibly through an API.
  • Create a script to get some of the data (a "proof of concept" is fine, meaning that your grade is not based on getting all the data, but rather getting the mechanics right).
    • You already know how to retrieve data from a given URL
    • If you are working with HTML, use the "BeautifulSoup 4" package to make parsing the HTML easier
    • If you are working with an API, you will likely end up with JSON to parse
In a comment at the start of the script, include this information:
  • What is the web resource you are after
  • Why do you want this data
  • How is the data retrieved
    • If the information is on the web pages HTML code, how do you extract it?
    • If the information is in an API, how is the information structured?
The URL is the web resource you are accessing need to be stored in a variable near the top of the script.


You will work with the "NetTCPIP" module of command-lets. In particular:
  • You script takes one argument, an IP address (v4 or v6). You can use a command line argument or prompt the user.
  • You script needs to print a list of the network interfaces on the computer, listing:
    • The interface description
    • IP address if one is assigned
    • The status of the interface (up, down, connected, etc.)
  • Finally, based on the IP address the user specified, your script will print
    • The interface the selected IP address will use
    • The "next hop" IP address if applicable